When it comes to paying a little extra to ensure you have the features you want in a cable or satellite television service, you need to find a way to discover where you are more likely to get reliable services. Not only do you want the services you are paying extra for to be reliable but you want them to be there in the first place. Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want, or can you? If you are in the market for a premium TV service, you are probably looking for one or all of the following most in-demand services for 2017.


HD and 4K – The Real Biggies among Today’s Viewers

So we all know what HD (high definition) TV is all about, or at least the part where you get the truest, most lifelike colors and a feeling that you are in the room with the actors and are a part of the action. Unfortunately, HD takes a lot of capacity to facilitate and that’s why HD programming is a premium TV service. However, when it comes to 4K – that’s the big league and only available to satellite subscribers. It isn’t available in all areas and is only just now hitting key markets around the globe, but if you have any hopes of viewing quality years and years ahead of its time, you’ll only find it on satellite’s premium TV services.

VOD – Video on Demand

Often as an OTT – VOD service, this is one of the other trends that only appeal to those who are willing to wait for programming to hit the Internet. If you aren’t quite sure what those acronyms mean, you already know that VOD means Video on Demand, but OTT? That stands for Over the Top and not available on either satellite or cable networks. These are usually found on sites like Netflix and Amazon and while some people don’t like to watch television online, they are popular with those who view from mobile devices. Unlike satellite or cable that needs a hardwire connection, OTT VOD can be accessed anywhere there is a video connection, such as a Wi-Fi connection at any McDonalds around the country.


Most people are familiar with this premium service that is available to both satellite and cable subscribers. Viewers are allowed to record up to so many shows each month, based on subscription packages they purchase. You can record any of your favorite shows during those times when you are not at home or on another channel and this is the one feature that viewers want quite often.

These are the three premium services that most television viewers demand most today and the ones they are willing to pay extra for. While VOD and DVR/PVR are available to cable and satellite subscribers, satellite steps out to front and center stage with its long-awaited 4K service. These are the three most in demand. Which would be your preference if you could only choose one?


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