It is no secret that treating the Earth with respect isn’t only something that will benefit ourselves but also our children for years to come.  The impact of human waste and pollution is undeniable and should be taken very seriously.

Many people have heard the term “being green” and know that it has something to do with being environmentally friendly, but they aren’t exactly sure on how to get started.  Looking to make a difference on the planet and make it a cleaner and happier place for everyone for years into the future?  Look no further.  Here are some of the basics for being a greener person today.

Use Recycled Products

By using products that are made from recycled products you are minimizing the amount of waste that goes into countless landfills.  Rather than using products that will immediately go into the trash can and can’t be used for anything else, why not use products that can be used again?

You can start as small as using paper bags at the supermarket rather than plastic bags.  You can also only buy glass containers rather than non-recyclable plastic ones. By minimizing waste production you are doing the Earth a great service.

Recycle Everything That You Can

Some people don’t realize how much they can actually recycle.  Most people know that they can recycle paper and tin cans, but modern science now makes it possible to recycle much more than that.  Make sure that you familiarize yourself with what you can and can not recycle by looking on the bottom of containers and checking whether it is recyclable.

You might be surprised to find that you have been throwing things away that you could have started recycling a long time ago!

Reuse Containers

Rather than buying Tupperware or other containers on the market why not use what you already have?  If you recently bought a jar of spaghetti sauce you can easily wash it and start using it to store food in.

The same goes for boxes and paper.  If you get a cardboard box in the mail simply break it down and put it away for storage for the next time you need to pack or store something.  Reusing something for a different purpose is the foundation of being a less wasteful person and greener all around.

Use Your Car Only When Necessary

While sometimes cars are necessary for this modern age and where public transportation simply is not an option, it is ideal to only drive your car when absolutely necessary.  

The pollution that cars create are one of the biggest contributing factors to the degradation of the environment so limiting their use is a great start to being more green.


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