How To Be a More Organized Person

Most people can agree that being a disorganized person versus being someone who is organized can be extremely frustrating and faces you with a lot of challenges.  Being an organized person means being able to find anything when you want it, not missing appointments or deadlines, and having a less stressful lifestyle since you are on top of your game.

Many people would like to be more organized but they aren’t sure where to start.  Interestingly enough, many people don’t realize that some of the most organized people were not always that way.  Sometimes it takes a turning point in your life where you are fed up with falling behind and feeling frustrated and opt to make the change to get your life in order.

Here are some of the best tips for getting started on the path to more organization in your lifestyle.

Supply Yourself With Tools

First thing is first.  If you have a house full of messy piles or no order to how anything is stored, you will need to get proper shelving and containers.  Once you have the right tools for storage, then you can start to sort through your piles and decide what needs to go and what can stay.

The easiest way to start with a huge project is to start small.  By focusing on one task at a time you will be able to envision finishing your task much more easily.  Start by purging, next move on to deciding what kind of an order system works best for you, then lastly you execute the task.

Clean As You Go

One of the most common traits of people who are disorganized is that they don’t work as they go.  Whether you are trying to be more organized in your house or in your work life, it is important not to let things pile on top of each other leaving you with more work than had you just worked in small spurts of time.

When you procrastinate then you are more likely to let things get even worse.  Instead, clean your house in small periods throughout the day or get little amounts of work done rather than all in one go.  You will find you are much more productive and organized this way.

Create a Schedule

We all know those people that never write down their appointments or deadlines.  They seem to believe that they can magically store all of this information in their brain, and unfortunately, while this may be possible for some people, it leaves open the possibility for things falling through the cracks.

By keeping everything written down in an order fashion either in your phone calendar or in a paper one, you can make sure that you stay on top of your planning.

Anna Johansson

Anna is a freelance writer and researcher from the Olympia, WA area who loves to obsess about weird topics and then write about them. When she isn't writing, she is outside on her bike and comtemplating her eventual trip to graduate school.

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