When you look into the eyes of someone who has brown eyes, do you consider them more trustworthy than someone with blue eyes? If you think critically about it, chances are you will believe that eye color has nothing to do with how trustworthy someone is. But studies have shown that people tend to find their brown-eyed peers more trustworthy than those with lighter colored eyes. And the differences in perceptions based on eye color don’t stop there.

Most American Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes and they continue to change colors until around their first birthday. Only one in six is left with blue eyes at this point in time. Studies have found that adults with blue eyes tend to do better at sports that involve taking breaks, such as bowling. Conversely, adults with darker eyes tend to do better at sports that involve speed, such as boxing. Learn more about what your eye color says about you from this infographic!

What Your Eye Color Tells The World [Infographic] 1


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