Being a homeowner requires a person to take responsibility for a whole slew of things around the interior and exterior of a home.  Not only do these repairs maintain the integrity of the structure, they also maintain and build value in the home.  Without proper maintenance, the value of a home can plummet quicker than most might think.

There are a few issues that are rather commonly overlooked by young or inexperienced homeowners.  Take a moment to read over this short summary of a few of the top maintenance and repair issue for home exteriors, and learn a bit more about how to be a responsible homeowner.

Common roofing issues to maintain

The roof of a structure protects its interior from rain, rot, unwanted pests, and much, much more.  It is of the utmost importance that homeowners pay a healthy amount of attention to various aspects of their roof’s condition over time.

Homeowners should inspect the interior and exterior of a home’s roofing to ensure its integrity.  Repairing broken or missing shingles, fixing cracked caulk on flashing, and repairing any signs of sagging or decay will keep the structure’s roof in tip top shape for years into the lifespan of the home.

Cracks in the concrete can depreciate a home

The concrete on an exterior walkway or driveway can wear down and begin cracking over time.  Cracks in the concrete can signal deepers issues with the property, but oftentimes they are simply a sign of normal wear and tear.

Cracks are easier to repair when they are smaller, so it is important to tend to them as soon as they are noticed.  Allowing the cracks to go unattended can cause worse issues and ultimately more money to fix.  Cracks are also a turnoff to potential homebuyers.

Painting a home’s exterior can add value

Keeping the exterior of a home nicely painted and sealed will help to protect the outer surfaces and keep the home from appearing aged.  If there are any areas around the home that frequently tend to peel, chip, or lose paint, then it may be a sign of a larger issue.  Homeowners should always inspect these issues further.  Leaving small issue unattended is never a good idea.

Gutters and drainage functions are important

Though the gutters and drainage systems of a home’s exterior may not be the first thing potential homebuyers see, it is crucial to properly maintain these systems to assure the longevity of the structure.

Dysfunctional or clogged gutters will cause standing water around a home’s foundation, which, in turn, can cause cracking and sinking.  These are both very expensive issues to amend, so clean the gutters out once or twice a year.


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