Shopping online is more of a necessity these days than it was in the early days of e Commerce when online shopping was still a novelty. Now when you need something specific, you almost have to start looking online before heading to the store- many stores no longer carry specialty items because of the ease of ordering online. There was a time when everything you needed could be ordered by mail, even your house, and now things are starting to swing back in that direction. Along with the rise in e Commerce has come a rise in stolen and damaged packages.

Over half of Americans say they are concerned about packages being stolen off their doorsteps, and this poses a serious threat to the e Commerce infrastructure. If e Commerce collapses because of theft or damaged packages it could seriously harm the economy as well as Americans lifestyles. Fortunately the Internet of Things has come up with a solution- smart mail and secured mailboxes. Learn more about the future of e Commerce as well as secured mailboxes from this infographic!



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