Think of traveling to the USA and certain states spring to mind. Everyone wants to visit the Hollywood Hills in California or The Big Apple in New York. If you fancy sunshine and a party, Miami, Florida is perfect. One place you won’t think of is Oregon. Unfortunately, the state that nestles between Cali and Washington doesn’t have awesome PR. If it did, it’d be one of the most popular places to vacation in the United States. Non-believers take note; these are the reasons why you must visit before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Amazing Scenery

Go to the Lake District in the UK, or Patagonia in the south of Chile and Argentina, and you’ll hear the same thing. There is no doubt that these places do have breathtaking scenery. But, when it comes to aesthetics, there aren’t many places which challenge Oregon. Situated on the West Coast, the rugged terrain hugs the coastline as you travel up the shoreline. Then, head inland, and you’ll find gigantic mountains with cascading waterfalls. Although it isn’t part of the Great Lakes, the natural water features are as beautiful as Superior or Tahoe.



Tasty Food

Again, Oregon isn’t a place that pops into the head when you think about American food. The Deep South or the massive burger joints on the east coast spring to mind, but they are child’s play. Because of its proximity to the Pacific, the range of seafood is vast. And, as they are experts, the locals know how to cook it to perfection. The sushi is particularly worth a try. Being so close to California, it also has a Latin American flavor with mouth-watering tacos and fajitas. If you want to be stereotypical, there is also an array of burger joints that would challenge the great Adam Richmond.

The Drive

You’d be remiss to travel to America and not take part in a road trip. Sure, it’s clichéd, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome. Route 66 might tickle your fancy, but forget about this notorious marathon and focus on the Pacific Coast Highway. From Oregon, you can go north and into the beautiful Washington region, or south into the San Francisco megalopolis and beyond. Either way, you’ll experience sights which you only get to see once in a lifetime.




Traveling isn’t only about eating, drinking and seeing the sights. It’s about letting go and letting off steam. In Oregon, there is plenty of ways to do that thanks to the sports scene. For starters, the mountains and lakes make for unbelievable hiking. As you now, the scenery is well worth the effort once you climb to the top of the trail. Oregon is also famous for its fishing. The Oregon fishing is among the best in the world because of the range of fish. In the summer you can try the lakes for trout, and during the rest of the season, there are large spawning salmon.

Not too shabby for a state which doesn’t get the same PR as New York or California.



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