Starting a business is the easy part.  The hardest part about launching your business is what comes next.  Not only getting customers to come to you but keeping them.  The trick to reeling them in doesn’t lie in books that you have to spend money on or take seminars for.  The real secret comes down to basic techniques that people have been using for years which you can learn in a matter of minutes and apply in one day’s time.

In order to increase your customer base, you simply have to know where to start.  Here are some of the best tips for bringing in customers and keeping them.

Increase Your Visibility

People aren’t going to know about your business unless they see it and hear about it.  This means increasing your visibility by making signs, handing out business cards, and having an online social media presence.

If you don’t have any of these things you will want to start immediately.  You can have a store in the best real estate location on the block, but that isn’t going to bring in people from across the world.  By increasing your visibility not just locally but on a global scale, you open yourself up to not only hundreds of more customers but thousands.

Offer A Discount

One of the most popular ways to get in a wave of new customers is to offer a discount.  This can be done by either posting an ad online for a deal for first-time clients or by creating a deal with a service such as Groupon.

When you offer a client incentive they will be more likely to turn to you for your services rather than someone at a higher price.  In the long run, the money you will lose with the discount is worth it when you consider that these will be returning customers paying an accumulated amount much greater than the discount amount.

Deliver Excellent Products

Word of mouth is an amazing thing.  If you deliver a service or product that is excellent, the news will travel fast.  

One of the most effective ways to make sure that you are heard about is being unbeatably fantastic.  Give them something to rave about and they will.

Be Aware Of Your Online Reviews

When you type a business into Google the first thing that usually appears at the top of the search results is a Yelp or TripAdvisor review.  If the rating is unfavorable this usually has an impact on whether you will use their business or not.

It is important to always monitor your online reviews so that if a bad review gets posted you can respond accordingly to keep your online image favorable.


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