Corporate finance is like a hydra, a multi-headed monster that you think might eat you before you can gain control of it. At the Fortune 10 level there are so many subsidiaries, branches, and franchises to keep track of that even knowing how much you’re paying for telephones in a given month is a monumental task. Cash flow management for large corporations and their subsidiaries can take hours a day at each location, and you may not even know the bottom line numbers for a given month for weeks after that month is over.

So why hasn’t technology stepped up and given us a better way? Spreadsheets are great but even when they are in the cloud and able to be updated by everyone they can still take up a lot of time and not seem much different than the way things were done by hand a hundred years ago. Learn more about the technological advances in corporate cash flow management from this infographic!

Cash Management For Fortune 10 Companies [Infographic] 1


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