There are a lot of things about the current state of affairs that are just flat out bizarre, from microwaves with cameras to rogue government agencies on Twitter. Now there is a call to put Donald Trump’s face on a gold coin. Not just any gold coin, mind you, but legal U.S. tender. There’s just one problem- there’s a federal law which prohibits the likeness of any living person to appear on American currency, presumably to differentiate ourselves from the monarchies from which we came.

The argument goes like this:

“Donald J. Trump is our most unique President. He is the first president in the US history who has never debased himself by being on the government dole, either through a elected office or through a government job. He has never been in the military. Donald J. Trump’s loyalties lie with the common American and not with lobbyists or the military-industrial complex.”

It goes on to call reality television “the People’s television” and reminds us of Donald Trump’s claims that he and only he could make America great again. There’s even a petition. See for yourself below:

Should We Put Trump On A Gold Coin? [Infographic] 1


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