When you were 18 years old, were you thinking about how every cent you were spending would impact your future? Probably not. But within the last decade we have decided as a society that saddling teenagers with lifelong debt they can never bankrupt is somehow a great idea. Unfortunately many college students are spending their college loan money on things they shouldn’t be, and it’s keeping them in debt longer and longer.

Student loans should only be used for tuition, and only when that is the last possible avenue to make your tuition payments. Things like living expenses, clothing, and transportation should be covered by a job or a work-study program. Financing those things on top of your tuition will add up fast and keep you in debt considerably longer than you need to be. Learn more about how students are really spending their student loan money from this infographic!

Rising Rate Of Frivolous Student Loan Spending [Infographic] 1


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