Trying to catch up on sleep is a lie. When you sleep, your brain goes through different cycles, each of which serves a specific purpose. During REM sleep your life experiences are cemented into memories. During stages 3 and 4 your body and mind are healing and repairing themselves. Interrupting any of these processes is going to leave you unhealthy and unable to focus.

Instead of planning to make up sleep on the weekend, plan your life around having routines so you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Regulating your sleep cycle is about optimizing balance in your life and ensuring maximum healthfulness. Skipping out on sleep and trying to make it up later will only hurt you in the end.

Learn more about the importance of maintaining a sleep schedule from this infographic and then do everything you can to protect your precious sleep time!

Stop Trying To Make Up Sleep On The Weekends [Infographic] 1


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