Casual drug consumption is on the rise amongst teenagers in the USA.  A recent survey showed that 20% of 12th graders consume a form of a drug.  Once upon a time the only drugs a parent had to consider their children were possibly using were nicotine, marijuana, and alcohol.  Now since the creation of more and more synthetic drugs, there are new drugs emerging every day.

Many parents may find themselves wondering why the use of drugs is increasing and what they can do to identify the causes.  Here are some of the biggest factors as to why more and more teens are partaking in drug use and some even going to rehab.

More Availability Of Drugs

Drugs are becoming more available due to demand.  The internet has become a fairly easy place to access substances.  From websites on the “dark web,” which is a subculture of the internet which lies beneath normal search engines where people can order anything they want to their doorstep, to the war on drugs becoming increasingly more difficult to battle.

Teenagers usually know someone or someone who knows someone who can access what they want. The important thing is to keep communication open with them.  Ask them if they have any urges to do drugs, if their friends are using drugs, and be honest with them about any experiences you have had.  By being honest, you can paint a realistic picture for them instead of making it a taboo subject and something they will feel inclined to try out of curiosity,


Since the legalization of marijuana in many states, it is no big mystery as to why it is more available since more and more people can easily walk into a shop and purchase it.

What was once only available through private dealers is now as simple as going to the store.

They See Their Idols Doing It

Drugs are popular subjects in music videos and in lyrics.  From alcohol glamorization to drinking cough syrup, many teenagers idols give the impression that doing these things is a way to have fun and go crazy.

YouTube has become a place where a simple search term can lead to a video of a celebrity they are fond of taking part in all sorts of things.  With high visibility of illicit activity comes normalization.

Escapism From Stress

The life of a teenager can be extremely stressful.  From hormones changing, to stress to do well in school, to preparing for their impending adulthood which is just around the corner, drugs and alcohol can be a way to forget their troubles and escape.

It is important to teach your teens that there are other activities which can provide the same kind of stress relief.  Like exercise, travel, and self-expression.


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