We all need to take a break and if we are part of a family then it’s really important to spend a good couple of weeks away from our working routine, to make everyone feel special and to help bring the pack closer together. The problem is though that you may not want to take a break from your fitness routine and sitting on a beach drinking cocktails isn’t going to help you stay in shape!


There are some great ways of building your sport into your holiday or dedicating the holiday around it. Golf Breaks from GolfingGetways.com are most definitely dedicated to the course, however they also include some brilliant activities for children and your partner. You may not get away with being quite so obvious though. Your family might think a specialist trip like this will mean you will be off on the course all day and not really spending the time you are supposed to being a family.

The best thing about fitness is that there are a million ways of including it into a trip which won’t impact on the time you spend with your pack and can also include them in the fun. There are very few places you can’t get up and head off for a morning run and you might find it a little bit easier to pound the pavement if you are running with the Amalfi Coast as your background. At a beach resort you will also have a little extra resistance if you run on the sand, which will give you a bonus workout over your usual morning run.

Of course you might not enjoy the idea of waking up and hitting the road on foot. Most destinations will have a bike hire facility. This is a great way of getting up and active with all the family. If you are with your partner then you could take the opportunity to push a little HIIT into the ride. Blasting off for a minute then riding back to the group will help boost your cardio fitness and keep you together with the family who are probably enjoying a more leisurely pace.

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Swimming in the sea will give you a better workout than swimming in your local pool. You have to work hard against the natural currents and if you are playing with your children in the sea then you will be throwing them around and moving in ways you probably don’t at home. You could also head out in a pedalo then let the kids take over whilst you swim along besides them. A great idea for a race! Just make sure you are aware of any rip tides and keep your eye on the beach to ensure you aren’t drifting too far off.

It’s easy to involve workouts into your holiday schedule, just look for ways of getting everyone else involved too and make sure you are putting 100 percent into the activity. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the break!

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