Most people are too busy these days to even sit down at a dining room table to eat, but if you have a family you should be making it a point to do so. Your family, especially your children, can greatly benefit from a family dinner around the dining room table. And, dining room tables aren’t just for eating either.

Your dining room table is a great place for hosting family game night. It’s a great place to do crafts with the kids. And it is one place where your family can connect and communicate face-to-face. Why not design a dining room that promotes these things?

Pick The Right Materials

When it comes to furnishing your dining room, you want to make sure that your table and chairs are kid-friendly (depending on the ages of your children). You might even want to invest in a carpet that repels stains and is easy to clean.

Leather chairs can be comfortable and easy to clean, so they make be the perfect choice for your family meal time. If you have a fancier table you don’t need to replace it because of messy kids, just invest in a plastic table cloth that will keep any spills from getting through to the wood.

Make Sure There’s Room

There needs to be room around the table for all for your family members. For three people a small round table may be perfect, but a larger family might want to invest in a table that has a leaf so it can be expanded when needed.

Having room also means having enough chairs around the table for everyone to have a seat. If you have kids that tend to have friends over often, having extra chairs may be important. If your home is open to friends staying for dinner or joining family fun night it also lets other people see what a healthy family looks like.

Have Some Open Storage Space

If you have game night with your family, and you should be, having the games in a visible place in the dining room will help promote family time. Consider having some kind of shelving in the dining room that can be home to your collection of family games.

Don’t always stick with the same old games either or people are going to get bored. Consider investing in a new game for the family every few months, and make sure to have ones that are fun for different ages. Sometimes the bigger kids might even play alone if you have games they like!

Of course, if your dining area is often used as a craft space you can keep crafting items on those shelves as well. Consider decorating your dining room walls with some of the finished craft and art projects. Buy cheap frames at the dollar store to make them look fancy.


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