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3 Tips for Making Positive Changes In Your Life

Right around the new year, it’s extremely common for people to make resolutions that will help them change their lives for the better. The only problem with this is that after a few weeks, those goals and dreams often fade away and are lost to the routines of life, only to be thought of again at the end of the year when it’s time to make new resolutions. But while this happens more often than not, it doesn’t have to be how things happen for you. To help you take the steps to achieving your life goals, here are three tips for making those positive changes in your life.

Own The Choices You Make

Every day of your life, you make choices. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, your whole life is filled with choices. And according to Kurt A. Carlson, a contributor to Psychology Today, it’s all about what you do with those choices that affect how your life will be. If you’re able to understand that every situation you’re in is a result of the choices you have made, you give yourself the power to make different choices and change your circumstances. But until you’re able to own the choices you have made in your life up until this point, you won’t be able to successfully make positive choices in the future.

Recognize When You Make Positive Or Negative Decisions

Once you are able to come to terms with the choices you have made in the past, you can begin altering your decisions about the future. According to Dr. Jim Taylor, a contributor to the Huffington Post, one of the biggest challenges with making the best decisions for yourself is recognizing when those decisions are upon you. Oftentimes, it’s much easier to realize you’ve made a good or bad decision once the choice has already been made. However, if you’re able to understand your motivations and recognize the exact moment when a decision that could help or hurt you is to be made, you can start to move yourself forward on a more positive path.

Start Smaller Than You Might Think

After you’ve done the preliminary work to recalibrate your mind regarding how and why you make the choices that you do, you can begin building a foundation for positive changes in your life. To do this most successfully, Leigh Newman, a contributor to, recommends starting off by setting micro-goals. These goals often have to be much smaller than you may even realize in order to have the best chance of creating a positive habit.

For example, if your goal is to run a 5K, your micro-goal may start off by putting on your running shoes each morning for a week. Once you’ve done that, you could add walking from your home to the street as your next micro-goal. As long as you’re progressing, be it slowly but surely, you’ll get closer to achieving your goals.

To truly see positive change in your life, consider implementing the tips mentioned above for your next positive, life-changing goal.

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