[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the world of science and technology there’s often one word which is considered more important than just about any other: innovation. Innovation is at the heart of those fields and plenty of others. A lot of the time people look at technological or scientific advances and think, “why?” Very often it seems at though innovation is happening for its own sake, without the average person being able to see exactly what good it’s doing for anyone. But a lot of the time the innovations that are doing the most for society aren’t the ones that get a lot of attention. While 4K TVs and advanced smartphones might get most of the headlines, here are a few amazing innovations that are actually saving lives.


Hand-held DNA labs

The ability to diagnose, track, monitor and track infections is one of the most important parts of any medical institution. For a long time being able to do these things required large scale labs run by various different people which not only cost a lot of resources but also to a lot of time as well. Now, thanks to handheld DNA labs like Q-POC, these things can all be achieved in one place by a single medical professional. It allows them to monitor emerging infections as well as track drug resistance in order to adjust treatments immediately and effectively. It can diagnose and provide accurate treatment options for various sexually transmitted infections as well as various other diseases within ten to fifteen minutes. Fast, accurate and inexpensive, this incredible device is going to be hugely important in countries where DNA testing can be an extremely costly and time-consuming process.

Genome editing

This might sound like something out of science fiction, but it is, in fact, a very real medical process that is currently in use. Genome editing is a form of genetic engineering that actually inserts, replaces or deletes DNA within the genome of a living organism. This makes it incredibly useful for gene therapies which can help to treat diseases like Leukemia. It’s still in the early stages, but many medical professionals are optimistic about it. For more information on this incredible process check out http://poseida.com/pipeline/


Here is something that many people might never know about. It’s not flashy; it’s not showy. It is, in fact, so simple it’s incredible to think that no one came up with it before. Medisafe is a simple smartphone app that reminds you when to take your medication. Not only that but the real innovation of this app is that it actually alerts your friends and loved ones when it has happened. That way you’re don’t have to deal with it alone. This might seem like something many people wouldn’t need but remembering to take specific medication as specific times can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’re dealing with a serious condition. By including friends and family, this app allows them to support someone and help them stay fit and healthy.

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