You can workout at home or at the gym the whole year round, and you definitely need these same things when it comes to those workouts. However, if working out is something you prefer to do in the great outdoors or you are planning to start a fresh new fitness routine this year then you may need a good shopping list for the gear you’re going to need.

Working out in the outdoors also, at least sometimes, means a higher impact workout. Where you may be able to get away with your walking shoes at the gym you want running shoes before you start running or jogging. If you’re working out at home, doing yoga even, you may be wearing something that wouldn’t be appropriate outdoors.

The Right Shorts

You need to have the right shorts, or pants, for the workout you’re planning to do. Something too short and too loose during yoga will expose parts you may not want your fellow yoga doers to see. You do, however, want something that is loose enough for you to move around in and do poses in.

If you’re running you want something that isn’t going to trip you up, and if you take music with you on your run you’re going to want to have pockets for that music. An excellent option for runners would be investing in a pair of compression shorts that have a pocket. They’re convenient, and they will also help keep your body from fatiguing as quickly.

The Right Shoes

The right shoes are extremely important, for protecting your feet and for enhancing your workout. Walking shoes have stiffer soles while running shoes will have more flex for the flex of your foot. If you aren’t jogging or running, but plan to do more than walking in your workout shoes you should opt for cross-trainers instead of walking shoes.

The Right Shirts

The right shirt for your workout might be similar to picking the right shorts, you want something that is mean for the workout you plan to do with it. A loose shirt during yoga is going to show off everything under it. Pay attention to the material your shirt is made of as well, picking shirts that work to wick away sweat.

The Right Socks

Not all socks are created equal. When it comes to socks for working out you want to look for a few things. You can buy socks that contain padding to protect from rubbing and from blisters, that also have arch support and help absorb shock when your jumping or running.

You may also want to look into compression socks and other compression clothing. The socks will help keep you from getting blisters and they will also help you fight foot and ankle fatigue, and recover faster after your workout.


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