Cost-Effective Equipment Sourcing: Important Things To Consider

If you’re running a business that depends heavily on specialized equipment, such as a construction firm, then you’ll already be fairly familiar with the process of financing and leasing this equipment. However, you may be a little shaky on the specific information you need to consider while making those big financial decisions. To ensure your capital is really working for you, here are some of the most important factors to consider…

Cash Flow and Budgetary Needs

When you’re financing equipment, it can generate revenue for your business which outweighs your regular payments massively. Various financing options will also allow you to stretch your available budget, obtaining additional equipment which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. However, that doesn’t mean that equipment financing is always going to be a good idea for every individual firm and project. If your business goes through various seasonal fluctuations, or you’re preparing for a new project which won’t generate any revenue for some time, it’s essential to find matching terms for this.

Equipment Obsolescence

Technology is constantly advancing, and innovations in various forms of equipment are springing up all the time. This means that machinery and software that you purchased a couple of years ago may be obsolete already. Obviously, basic pieces of apparatus like a mud mat aren’t going to develop too feverishly over time. However, if you’re sourcing anything that’s a little more advanced, it’s essential that you protect yourself against obsolescence in the foreseeable future. You can do this through financing deals which will allow you to trade equipment in or simply return it outright at the end of the term.

Capital Expenditures

If you’re just starting out in your niche, you may have a small or otherwise limited budget available for investing in your business. If your company has a lot of wants, but limited resources, then finding a good leasing deal will allow you to free up a little more capital, and invest this in other, more pressing tasks. Knowing where to invest your capital takes a keen understanding of your supply chain, sales cycles, and which projects are going to produce returns sooner than others.

Credit Availability

When your business operates according to long sales cycles, your access to credit is going to be a massive driver for growth and overall success. This is another point in favor of choosing financing and leasing options rather than purchasing your equipment outright. Financing allows you to save your borrowing capacity, and preserve your business’s lines of credit. These are both exceedingly important for covering both planned and unexpected expenditures that your business may run into. This option can also have certain advantages when you’re given a job at short notice. Many equipment-financing companies offer one-day credit approvals. This is as opposed to banks, which can take several weeks in some cases.

Whatever the project you’re working on, and whatever equipment you need for it, be sure to keep these factors in mind whenever you’re weighing up your options for acquiring equipment.

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