An Amazon Echo device is the primary witness to a murder trial in Arkansas, which has led many people to question the connectivity of their homes. Last year it was discovered that Samsung refrigerators that display your calendar on the front may leave users Gmail accounts vulnerable. There are lots of things that are being connected to the internet which never have been before, leading to security concerns we may have never considered before.

Just a few months ago teenagers in Europe seized the vulnerability of unsecured IoT devices like WiFi connected digital cameras and crock pots and used them to disrupt the internet traffic routing site Dyn. As much as this DDoS attack was a wakeup call to security experts, people still asked for, purchased, and received IoT devices for the holidays.

It’s important to ask yourself whether you really NEED an IoT refrigerator, but if you already have one it’s crucial to take measures to secure it. Learn more about preventing your home from being hacked from this infographic!



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