Eating healthy isn’t easy, especially when you travel. Travel stops have vending machines full of junk, 1000 different kinds of soda, and even fast food options, but rarely will you find fresh fruit or vegetables and the only water has been sitting in a plastic bottle for who knows how long. It’s easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy eating, and it’s much harder to climb back out of it once you do.

Millennials are leading the charge for change in food options. No longer will burgers and fries suffice on the road- Millennials want healthier options. The biggest surprise here is that they are willing to try different foods to get something healthier. Fresh food leads the top of the list of healthy options, while that “fat free” fad from 20 years ago is fading among all generations. People want food that nourishes their bodies, not just something to stuff in their face. Learn more about healthier food options on the go from this infographic!



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