Starting a real estate blog can be extremely profitable pursuit.  Whether the economy is booming or lacking there will always be an interest in real estate knowledge and tips.  What sets apart a good real estate blog from a flop, however?

A good real estate blog is one that people turn to for the one stop shop for anything they want to get their hands on about real estate.  If your goal is to be making money off of your real estate blog it’s important to take into account everything that makes a successful one.

By incorporating all of the qualities that you find great about other blogs, you’ll be able to outmaster the masters.

Take a look at the most important things that your real estate blog should have to make it stand out from the mediocre as one the greats.

Provide Resources

Your blog should not only have information, but the information it provides should also link to how to achieve these things.  Such as, how to sell your home for cash.  Or perhaps you want to know the best way to flip a house.   Depending on the market many people want resources on foreclosure.

By providing your visitors with the best possible information and linking to outside resources that help them achieve their goals, you make yourself not only informative but credible.

Update Frequently

People like to know that they can depend on your blog to update them regularly on the latest information concerning anything having to do with the market.

Make a commitment to post at the same time each week.  If you really want to be ambitious and have the time, post every day.

Make sure that you link to your blog on your social media or twitter account alerting people that you have posted something new.

Quality Page Design

By having a page design that is high quality and done by a professional, your readers will get a sense of you being the real deal.

The page navigation should be intuitive and pleasing to the eye.

Ideally, your page will be focused on content instead of dense advertisement after advertisement.  A page which is full of advertisements loses its credibility and gives an essence of being a “sell-out.”

Focus on quality over how many ads you can squeeze in.  You’ll see the payoff is much greater in the end.

Engage With Readers

One thing that all popular blogs have in common is an interaction between the blogger and the readers.  Readers want to know that they are being heard, and are in a “conversation” with their host.

If a reader asks you a question or makes a comment, always reply graciously.  Even if it’s criticism.


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