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Digital Heroin: How Screens Are Like Cocaine [Infographic]

Researchers have recently discovered that activities tied to screens, such as winning at a videogame, can cause the same sensations in the brain as using cocaine can. This is particularly concerning for parents, whose children seem to be getting more screen time than any generation in history. Screens are everywhere, from refrigerators to the back of your headrest in your car, and staring at them all day can have grave consequences.

Even if you aren’t prone to addiction, staring at screens too much can damage your eyes, sometimes permanently. Looking at screens causes you to stop blinking,m which can cause your eyes to dry out, which can lead to headaches, blurred vision, and damaged eyes if left untreated. Looks like your mom was right when she told you to stop watching so much television! Learn more about the potentially detrimental effects of too much screen time from this infographic!


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