Ever heard of a Raspberry Pi? If not, you could be missing out on using a handy device that offers a world of possibilities. From storing files to streaming video to processing blockchain data, this little piece of equipment delivers big with options.


History of the Raspberry Pi

This unique device was originally designed as an educational tool to assist young people in learning computer science and programming. The Pi was developed in the UK; it was not only built in order to teach students about computers, but to spark their interest in them, as well. Initially, two models were created, with different capabilities and specifications. Once consumers were introduced to the device in 2012, they began to explore its vast potential to be utilized in a broad range of capacities.

Various Uses for the Device

The Raspberry Pi can be used to perform an impressive assortment of tasks and projects. In 2014, CNET posted an article written in 2012 that described a great variety of functions the device might serve. These are just as applicable today as they were then – and of course, you might explore even more uses today. Here are a few examples of how the Pi is currently being used or ways that it could be utilized:

  • as aweb-browsing converter for older TVs
  • as a storage unit for general files (once connected to a USB external hard drive)
  • as a converter for an old USB printer – to be used with all of the devices in a household network
  • as a gaming console emulator
  • to stream music or video
  • to create an all-in-one Linux PC
  • as a playing device for audiobooks
  • as an electronically controlled water vessel (as in: arobotic boat)

Using the Pi as a Blockchain Node

The Raspberry Pi truly offers a wealth of choices – if you use your imagination, you might think of countless other projects for which the Pi could serve as a primary or secondary tool. One way that the Pi may be utilized is as a node in a blockchain network with a blockchain 2.0 platform, like Nxt. The first step would be to install a Raspberry Pi-compatible OS. Once the OS is configured and Java has been installed, you would download the latest version of Nxt and get started.

The Raspberry Pi is an innovative and exciting piece of equipment. What began as an educational tool is still highly useful as such; however, this small device offers numerous other possibilities to be explored.



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