There can be no doubt in anybody’s mind that life is hard. Of course, you go through seasons of difficulty, and there are ebbs and flows to the process and the level of pain, but everybody has a mountain to climb, and that mountain, no matter the height, is still a journey for each and every soul.

In today’s world, when the tough gets going, at least you have the aid of technology to help you get through the pain. Whether you’re a person in need of a friend, a soul in need of a laugh, or an individual in need of an escape, your phone is a great resource to finding help to ease the pain of day to day life.

Here are 3 examples:

Art, Poetry, and Words

For centuries people have used art as an escape or a form of catharsis. There is so much that affects a person on the daily and art, poetry, or the writings of some person putting it out there can help in a way you would have never expected.

If you’re finding that you have so much going on inside your head and your heart that nothing is coming out or making sense to you anymore, use your phone as a tool to find things online that are going to help. Look up what people are doing to create art, read the endless amounts of poetry that are available to make some sense of things in your own life, and if reading other people’s words doesn’t help, write down your own. In any case, your phone is an access point for everything.

Make A Connection

Mobile phones are a new invention that have revolutionized the way the world operates and communicates. When you’re having a hard day and you’re alone in your apartment wishing you had somebody to talk with, the options are endless. You desire to see a loved one’s face and hear their voice? You can do that with the touch of a button. Do a simple app search and see how you can be better using the technology you hold right in your hands to make connecting with your loved ones easy and effective in bringing your level of pain and hardship down.

Get Fast Help

Sometimes life throws dire circumstances our way and the rebuttal to those situations are extreme. When you’re in a moment of darkness, you can use your phone to get fast help. Suicide hotlines, support for those who struggle with depression, breathing apps that help those who struggle with anxiety find their peace, and other apps like this are so close at hand thanks to mobile devices. Life is not easy, but your phone is a great resource to help ease the pain if you use it correctly.


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