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5 Industries That You Didn’t Know Are In Need Of Coders

Coders are one of the more recent professions, birthed by the advent of technology particularly the World Wide Web. You’ll find a myriad of marketing material encouraging you to be a coder, from YouTube videos to pop-up ads. There’s also a bunch of intensive coding boot camps designed to teach you all the fundamentals of programming and whatnot. But where exactly do you get to use your coding skills and knowledge? Here’s five industries in demand of proficient coders.


The web-based learning industry is steadily growing, with a current $107 billion market size. As the industry continues to expand to new markets, more coders will be called on to engineer websites where training programs and lessons will be nested. Self-paced learning is now popular worldwide, with India, China, and Malaysia leading the growth rate.


Banks and hedge funds are turning to programmers to develop algorithms that either provide more accurate signals or trade at inhuman speeds to capitalize on momentary differences in spread. Of course, coders who apply at a financial institution are expected to carry at least an undergraduate degree in Finance, Math, Economics, or Computer Science.


Insurance companies are looking for talented coders who can perform actuarial analysis and automate claims. Aside from insurance companies, you can also get your start at a local community college, performing insurance- and accounting-related tasks including writing scripts for student accounts.


Businesses can no longer afford to operate solely through a physical location. ecommerce is the undeniable future, and any entrepreneur who fails to acknowledge it will fail to succeed in his/her respective industry. Coders are being hired by business owners to create websites for their products and services. You can either get hired directly or through a company that creates, manages, and sells site templates.


IT specialists, such as those with IT services in Ottawa, are expected to have a solid foundation in hardware and networking systems, but coding ability can also be useful to some degree. People who come from a coding background can easily adjust to an IT department. There, they will be managing client accounts and speaking on behalf of the company to resolve technical issues in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Coding is a skill that can be applied to almost anything in the real world, from agriculture, travel, games, and so forth. If you are interested in a particular industry but did not find it included in here, you can always find more information in company websites that do tackle your prospective industry.

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