Your iPhone 7 is at the top of the smartphone food chain. That is — until Apple releases the 8 next year to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary of making phones. Until then, you better make sure you preserve your 7’s title as best new smartphone by wrapping it up in a protective, customizable skin. They’re an affordable addition to your phone that works hard to fill in the gaps Apple has left in their product.

iPhone skin

Though it has impressed most critics, there are somethings about the 7 that aren’t award-worthy. In particular is the design flaw in the most recent finish addition, Jet Black. Though the ultra-glossy surface gives off an effortlessly cool, futuristic vibe, it’s hard to maintain. Once it’s out of the box and in the real world, its shiny finish picks up every single smudge and fingerprint. It’s also highly susceptible to minor cosmetic damages. Each scuff, scratch, and dent it shows solidifies your title as the clumsiest iPhone user in the world.

The new iPhone 7 skins from dbrand cover up the damage-prone Jet Black surface, and its durable materials eliminate any future chance of scratching or scuffing your phone. It even reduces the chance of dropping it, as the vinyl’s textured surface provides a better grip than the iPhone’s glossy coating. It does all of that without covering up the fact that you have the latest in Apple tech resting in your hands.

But, more importantly, the vinyl in each skin iPhone 7 owners put on can be customized according to their unique tastes. Decals can take on different colors and textures, each of which can be combined in different ways when you choose the finish for each piece of the skin. The typical decal comes with 2 pieces, front and back, with the option of keeping the apple design cut out.

Of course, you could choose to stick with black and use the skin for its protective properties. There are plenty of dark leather, metal, matte, and carbon fiber options. But what be the point of that when you have the rainbow to choose from. Popular choices include carbon fiber iPhone 7 skins that come in red, white, blue, or orange. There are also a variety of natural textures available, including stone, metal, and wood. You can pair any of these textures with true colors like red, blue, and orange (just to name a few) to create a complementary design scheme.

The choice is yours. Just make sure whichever combination you choose befits the quality of the iPhone 7 itself. Keep to vinyl decals made with precision, made to measure the exact dimensions of the phone. That way you’ll land a fashionable accessory worth of the latest generation.


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