So you’re not one of the 60-70% of people in the US that take at least one prescribed drug—does that mean that you shouldn’t be paying attention to drug interactions? Nope!

The side effects and interactions directly resulting from over the counter, herbal, or straight from the script pad meds/drugs can easily become a molotov cocktail in your body. Though 4.5 million people a year visit doctor or ER because of adverse prescription drug side effects, it’s quite possible that these side effects are exacerbated by medicines or vitamins that seem to be harmless at first glance.

Though not all drug interactions cause serious side effects like cancer or untimely death, even the less life threatening, though irritating variety of side effects like constipation/diarrhea are worth preventing if at all possible. Check out this infographic to learn more about the kinds of cocktails that are certainly not what you want to be serving at your next dinner party!



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