INFOtainmentNews Round Up Episode #1

Please have a look at our first Round Up episode where we’re covering various review items that have come in over the last few weeks.  In this first episode we take a look at the following:

Telltale Games – Batman: Part 1 of 5.  We go through the various game play options (on steam) on this new game in anticipation of episode 2 which comes out on September 20th – PLEASE Let me know if you’d like to test out crow play with us and we can try to set up a specific time/date.  Seriously, it’d be nice to meet up with some readers and walk through episode 2 together.

MyCharge HubPlus 

Versatile, wall pluggable rechargeable battery with 6700 mAh of stored power.  Removes the need to use separate cord for charging, is lightweight and convenient.

Polaroid Remote controlled Panorama Eyeball Head

The remote controllable panorama specialist – this device rotates on a horizontal axis for sweet panos.  You can use it alone via fold out legs or add it to the top of a tripod.  Standard camera fittings on this device make it easily compatible with much existing gear.

Here are some sample images for comparison purposes.  They are in the video but if you want the granular detail, click through.

taken with phone 6s plus using the polaroid panorama eyeball
taken with phone 6s plus using the polaroid panorama eyeball
taken by hand with the 6s plus





and finally –

a quick demo of Photomath

they just added handwriting recognition, a killer feature.  it was cool before and now…what… cool plus?

Take a look below – tune in next week for more

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