As soon as you feel like you’ve got a grip on the legal limits of your life and livelihood, things go ahead and change on you. And these aren’t necessarily even little things. These are things that affect your career, your recreation abilities, even your dietary habits. So every few months or so, it’s good to try and get updated on the legal loopholes that open and close around your existence.

Five areas of the law in particular that are in flex mode currently include family law, copyright law, criminal drug law, nutrition law, and travel law. Each of these changes in legal status may affect your business or personal matters quite distinctly. Consider them from that point of reference.

Family Law

If you’ve ever dealt with divorce, either your own or just seen the results of someone else’s, then you know how messy they can get when it comes to the legality of things like children, shared finances, and housing. Add to that the changes in marriage equality concepts, and things can get downright confusing. So, if you have questions about family law, find a nearby reputable lawyer sooner rather than later.

Copyright Law

If you’re in any industry related to music or writing, then you know the importance of copyright laws. But with new technology and services like cloud computing or YouTube streaming, lots of things in that world are changing. So to either figure out how to use those changes to your advantage or protect yourself from other people abusing your material, research new copyright laws regularly, and that way you won’t be surprised at possible litigation in your future.

Criminal Drug Laws

With the national interest in rescheduling marijuana, there are going to be some serious changes in criminal drug law right around the bend. So regardless of your personal relationship with it, or some of the other drugs on the national chart of interest, be sure to keep up on the way local and federal authorities are handling cases in your area.

Nutrition Laws

The FDA has been changing its mind recently about laws regarding food labeling. Everything from GMO’s to the idea of ‘natural,’ and then other restrictions about how big information needs to be on boxes – it’s all been up for grabs lately. This might not affect you much as an individual, but if you’re part of a grocery chain, watch out!

Travel Laws

Travel restrictions have become a matter of public interest in the past year or so as well. Travel bans have come through due to religion (from the terrorist attacks), location (from the refugee issue), and disease (thank pika for that one). The laws bend and flex with regards to who can go where, when, so be aware of them in the future.


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