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How Medical Cannabis Is Changing The World [Infographic]

Colorado isn’t the only state where cannabis is legal for recreational use. Washington and Oregon have also legalized cannabis for recreational use, and states including New York, Maine, California, and Nevada have legalized it for medical use.

Research into medical cannabis has been gaining momentum in the last decade. Now we know that cannabis can be used to treat PTSD, depression, arthritis, inflammation, migraines, muscle spasms, epilepsy, and cancer. The last two have been two of the biggest breakthroughs in the research. People with severe forms of epilepsy have shown a 60% decrease in seizures, while 10% of those studied were completely seizure free. Cannabis has long been used to treat the symptoms of conventional cancer treatment, but now it has shown promise as a way to kill certain types of cancer cells.

Using medical cannabis has also come a long way. Now instead of smoking, users can vaporize, make edibles, or use tinctures. Learn more about medical cannabis from this infographic!


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