Once you’re a homeowner, there will be several different potential stages that you can go through in terms of how you want to present yourself. Some people want to blend in and look as much like the other places in the neighborhood as possible. And other people will want to personalize their space and stand out.


If you fit in that second category, think about adding a creative mailbox, getting some custom shutters, adding outdoor lighting to your front lawn, doing some creative landscaping, and potentially using the seasons to you advantage in terms of decorating during the holidays.

Add a Creative Mailbox

What’s one of the first things that people notice about your home when they come to visit? The obvious answer is that they have to turn into your driveway at your address, and that means looking at your mailbox. So why not get one that really showcases your personality? There are tons of custom options, and they can match with things like the basic style of your house, or perhaps match with some of your favorite hobbies or interests. A good, intriguing mailbox is a classic way to introduce people to your personality.

Get Some Custom Shutters

Outside of your windows and doorways, you’re probably going to have some kinds of shutters – either decorate ones, or the practical kind that actually do something like keep the weather and sun out. So why not use these things to your advantage. Get some custom shutters and paint them exactly how you want. That way you can have visitors’ eyes drawn directly to the places that you want in terms of overall theme. The next time you see a home you really like the design of, check how they use shutters for aesthetics.

Add Lighting To Your Front Lawn

Having outdoor lighting makes a huge different in how your home looks from the outside when the sun goes down. Even if you don’t have any sorts of decorations out front, the simple act of adding a spotlight to your front door is great for a visual experience, as well as being good for basic security.

Do Some Creative Landscaping

In addition to the front lighting you’ve now installed, consider that some creative landscape is a good way to add a personal touch to your home as well. Some people choose to put things like mirror balls or decorate birdbaths in their front yard, for example.

Use the Seasons To Your Advantage

Every time the season changes and new holidays are on the horizon, you can use that as an excuse to do some new decorating as well. You can change color schemes, types of decoration via your landscaping, or even your outdoor lighting theme. There’s no reason to ever have a dull shell around your home if you don’t want one!


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