Have you ever thought about what it takes to become a leader? There are a certain set of characteristics that need to be present in order to develop someone into a leader. Determining whether someone has the foundation needed to be a catalyst level leader in business isn’t always immediately apparent. Leaders need to have a solid foundation of work ethic, ability to roll with the punches, ability to take on multiple perspectives, and ability to navigate change.

Unfortunately business leaders don’t always know what to look for, and what’s more they aren’t always looking. What has worked for leadership development in previous generations is obsolete, but parents, teachers, and businesses aren’t really doing anything about it. The Baby Boomer generation is almost completely retired from the workforce at this point, and when they are gone they will leave the largest leadership gap in history.

The time to start identifying and developing the next generation of leaders is now. Learn more about the leadership gap from this infographic!



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