The Survivalist Guide To Tornadoes – an Infographic

In 1925, a tornado ripped through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, with touchdowns also in Tennessee and Kentucky, wreaking havoc and leaving a slew of fatalities behind with estimates ranging from 695 to 747. The hail that fell from the sky was said to measure upwards of 4.5 inches in diameter, packing a detrimental punch to anything with which it came into contact. While this region is known for devastating tornadoes, they are not relegated to only these states. In general, tornadoes caused more than nine billion dollars’ worth of damage in 2011 alone. For those living in potentially dangerous areas that are at risk for this type of weather, it is imperative to be prepared with the proper survival kits to protect yourself and loved ones should a twister occur.

Along with a first aid kit, you should have adequate food and water stocked up. This should include no fewer than three days’ worth, with a week’s worth preferred. A gallon of water should be available per day for each person. Have bedding such as sleeping bags accessible, as well as rain gear and boots. Your survival tool kit should include multiple flashlights along with plenty of spare batteries. Have paper or plastic utensils stocked, as well as a utility knife. Keep a stash of cash in your survival kit, as well, to ensure you are not left penniless in case you need money and cannot access other means.

Once a tornado has passed through, inspect your home for any destruction, including structural damage and any issues with utilities. Be wary of any areas that have been affected and be careful of any structure that may be weakened following a tornadic experience. Wear sturdy, protective clothing and maintain a safe distance from all power lines. Learn more about how to protect yourself in the case of a tornado along with how to survive other natural disasters by checking out the following infographic.

Survivalist Tornado Guide

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