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‘Into The Night’ – Time Lapse Photography Done Right

Recently I had the distinct pleasure  of meeting the father of a young man who is bravely serving our country in the United States Air Force performing in-flight aircraft refueling.

He’s at the controls of a KC-135 while it docks to a F-16 flying about 200 miles an hour at 20,000 feet.

Let that sink in for a moment…

Anyways the young Airman is also an avid and really good photographer. When you list the following as some of the gear at your disposal, you know what you’re doing:

Nikon D600
Canon 5D Mark 3
Tokina 16-28MM F2.8
Canon 16-35MM F2.8
Nikon 70-200MM F2.8 VR 2

That’s the hardware used to film this fantastic time lapse sequence focused on the beauty of California.

The first time I watched this film I was incredibly impressed, particularly at the attention to detail and the high quality imagery. To put the level of effort into perspective, the photographer himself writes,

“…Many people don’t understand the amount of time and effort involved in shooting and processing a timelapse, and day-to-night timelapses can be even worse. I routinely find myself spending 10 hours of work for just 10 to 15 seconds of footage. In addition, most of these locations required some effort to reach. Whether hiking miles across the salt flats at Badwater Basin, climbing up a mountain to find the perfect tree and composition, or crawling down the side of a hill to get away from people in San Francisco, these clips involved research to find and effort to reach.”

Please take 4 minutes out of your day and watch Tyler Carl’s Into The Night time lapse and thank you Tyler and Shane for your service to our country!

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