When was the last time you went to the eye doctor? If you don’t have insurance it may have been awhile, unless you found that you needed a new prescription because your glasses weren’t doing their job anymore. You really should be visiting your eye doctor once a year though, especially as you get older.


While some people need glasses at a young age, some people get away with not needing them until they are much older. Even if you don’t need glasses that doesn’t excuse you from the need to visit an eye doctor. They do far more than just give you prescription eyeglasses.

They Can Determine Health Issues

When you go to the eye doctor they don’t just check to see if you need glasses, or a new prescription. A comprehensive eye exam allows your doctor to look at your optic nerves and more. By looking into your eyes and all of the things keeping them working, your doctor can determine if you have any major health issues.

Eye appointments are especially important for people diagnosed with diabetes, which can lead to blindness. As you get older you can develope detached retinas, cataracts, and other issues, and early detection through your eye doctor can help save your vision.

They Can Help You See Better

If you don’t wear glasses and you’ve been having issues seeing, or if you already have glasses but they no longer seem to be doing their job, your eye doctor can really help you see better. If you’re not an eyeglasses sort of person, your eye doctor is going to be the one to prescribe you with the right contact lenses, or point you in the right direction when it comes to getting corrective surgery.

Many people have gotten surgery on their eyes to bring their vision back to 20/20 without the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. For some people it works amazingly, and for others less great. Like any surgeries there are risks, and you need to talk to your eye doctor about those risks when it comes to your own vision and health.

They Have The Answers

Your eye doctor isn’t just there to help you determine if you should get eye surgery or not, but they can also help you discover illnesses early on. You may find out you have pressures off in an eye, which could mean glaucoma in your future. By knowing ahead of time you can make lifestyle and diet changes that might help protect your eyes.

If you aren’t sure how often you should visit your eye doctor, since your eyeglass prescription is good for two years, but your contact lens one is only good for one year, talk to your eye doctor. They may want to see you less often as others because your eyes are more healthy, or more often because they’ve detected something they want to keep an eye on.


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