Would you rather choose your surgeon based on how easy it is to find a spot in her parking lot or how many patients have to be hospitalized for infections after her surgeries? Hopefully you chose the latter, although there’s no doubt parking is important to some people. This illustrates a key difference in the way some people choose their doctors- based on Yelp! Reviews instead of empirical data. Chances are most people rely on Yelp! Reviews because they know they are out there. But if you knew you could get information about the post surgery infection rate of your preferred surgeon wouldn’t you want to go that route instead?

There’s more data available about doctors than ever before. Until the last few years there hasn’t been an easy way to go through that data, but with advances in technology all that data can be used to paint a picture of your doctor’s effectiveness from procedure to procedure. Learn more about empirical doctor ratings from this infographic!




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