Unless you’ve spent the majority of your life under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of the Alamo. But do you know anything about the other amazing places to visit in San Antonio, Texas? San Antonio is also home to Market Square, the largest Mexican market and a top 10 outdoor market in the United States.

The Alamo draws 2.5 million visitors per year and is Texas’ most toured monument, but did you know San Antonio’s King William Historic District is registered as a National Historic District? There are 79 historic structures, boasting European architecture, in this district that spans just 22 blocks. Nearby is The Missions National Historic Park, home to the United State’s largest collection of Spanish Colonial architecture.

Even if architecture isn’t your thing there’s still plenty to do in San Antonio. The San Antonio River Walk, billed as America’s Venice, features a 5 mile network of pathways and pavilions. Learn more about all that San Antonio has to offer from this infographic!



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