Nowadays, a lot of things are happening to our world – both good and bad. Think about good things like having the opportunity to store your savings on a bank account,  shop online, send online messages to each other, and having the opportunity to vote. Unfortunately, good things can also have their bad sides. Banks can be fraudulent, online shops can be hacked, messages can be deleted so your conversation is gone with the possible agreements, and voting results can be manipulated. How can we develop the next revolution solution where there wont be bad things, but only good?

The solution already exists – Nxt, the platform where everyone can feel safe and secure. And now they’re about to release Nxt 2.0, otherwise known as Ardor, a blockchain-as-a-service platform where all actions are stored and secured whilst giving users the ability to remain anonymous with the shuffling feature carried over from Nxt. However, unlike Nxt, users are able to have “child chains” so they can take advantage of the blockchain technology for their needs or that of their businesses or organizations. In addition to shuffling, other features will be available on these “child chains” as well. These include the asset exchange where people can trade various assets such as bonds and stocks, as well as a decentralized marketplace where people can exchange goods like on eBay or Craigslist without the need for a middleman, thus significantly reducing the transaction fees. Like Nxt, Ardor will continue to be decentralized throughout the system, meaning that there is no central organisation that can control your funds and actions. This also reduces downtime as multiple nodes around the world support the network. 

It sounds really good but what does the blockchain have to do with most people? Think of yourself in the late 90’s. Most likely, you had your first cellphone or knew someone who did. Just less than 10 years ago, people couldn’t even imagine the abilities that these phones would have in such a portable product. Fast-forward just less than ten years later from this same point and you already have your first smartphones. What blockchain is now is somewhat in the stage of what cellphone technology was in the 80’s. There’s a lot of possible uses up in the air that haven’t been discovered yet. With the resources available to us today, we might not even need to wait 10 years before mass adaptation or 20 years for extremely souped-up versions of what we could imagine. With where things are now, you have a chance to join in as a 3rd-party developer, a business or organization looking to get a head-start with this technology, or as an investor. By holding NXT from now until the 12th of October, you get your stake in Ardor.


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