There’s a lot of fear surrounding the idea of weaponry, especially lately. And the way the media portrays things like shootings, stabbings, and all other types of weapon-based violence, it’s no wonder that a lot of people approach the topic with anxiety.

So, one of the best ways to fix that is to learn about weapons, especially from the perspective of safety. If you want to ease your mind about this topic, then consider testing some firearms, going to shoot a bow somewhere, learning basic knife safety, taking a martial arts class of some sort, and find a way to talk to law enforcement officers sometime about the matter.

Test Some Firearms

Especially with guns, much of the fear that people have is because they’ve never taken the time to test any out. Just like with any activity or object, unfamiliarity is going to cause you to stress out. So if you want to understand and appreciate the power and value of guns, as well as not be afraid to use them or even just be around them, you have to take those steps to go to a gun range a try a few different ones out.

Go Shoot a Bow

Another weapon that causes people to feel defensive is something as simple as a bow. Hunters use bows for a more natural style of hunting out in the woods, and there’s also target practice that’s very meditative for some people. You’ll see a lot of archers in movies being used for warfare activities, so that’s what causes some of the modern confusion, but just going and doing a practice archery activity at a range somewhere will do wonders for you.

Learn Knife Safety

And there’s always the urban legend about going into a part of a city that seems threatening, and being worried about getting stabbed. If you want to comfort your mind a bit about what a knife fight is about, read up on knife fight tactics and safety (military books would be a good place to start), and find out how to realistically protect yourself.

Take a Martial Arts Class

In nearly every type of martial arts, there is going to be weapons training. Weapons can range from super specialized through very general, but the confidence that you’ll gain from using training weapons in sparring situations is invaluable to your education.

Talk To Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers are often required to carry weapons, which means they have a firm understanding of how and why to use them. If you’re curious about what weapons mean in a cultural sense, then talking to a cop in a casual manner is going to be extremely insightful.


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