People have been hunting and gathering as a way of life for as long as they’ve been around. Thanks to the industrial revolution and modern agriculture, the need to scour the land for wild edibles and game to kill isn’t so much a necessity, but that doesn’t mean the instinct to hunt or the passion for it has left the blood of the people whose ancestors survived off of it.

Hunting presents a unique experience to those who partake of it. People get addicted to it and look forward to the next time they get to go rogue, explore the land, and shoot stuff. If hunting has never been your thing and you wonder what the draw is about, here are reasons to get into hunting if you’ve never had much of an interest before now:

You Get Charged By Nature

The hustle and bustle of day to day life in the modern, industrial world takes a tool on the human spirit. People are meant to be in nature. Men came and tore down trees and built cement jungles, and the magic of nature was removed from the lives of the very people it was created for. When you get into hunting, you return to that place of getting charged by nature. There’s something about turning off the phones and breathing the oxygen rich forest air that heals you.

You Revert to Childlike Nature

While hunting itself is serious and takes the skill and focus that a child couldn’t commit, when you’re out in the woods hunting, it brings you back to a childlike nature. Your adventure button gets turned on, you forget about time, and your worries leave you as you focus on the task at hand and the moments that are in front of you.

Though hunting isn’t an activity limited to men, men love it because it’s everything boyhood encompasses. Exploration, conquering your environment, moving in for the kill…women can have the same passion, but hunting allows you to feel it all.

You Learn to Live Simply

Life can often be far too complicated. People talk of yearning for the simple life when there was much to do, but there was less pressure to become something that changes the world. Having a desire to change the world is great, but the burden of that call can be overwhelming if you don’t take a break every now and then. When you hunt, you learn to live simply. You don’t need a lot. You revert to the basics. Water, food, shelter. Above securing those needs on the daily, you commune with nature and God and the rest of the world doesn’t exist. That’s the addictive power of a hunting hobby.


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