If you plan to be around in 50 years, you may want to do something about that gas guzzler you’re driving. And all that unnecessary meat you’re eating. And all that recyclable stuff you’re throwing into the trash. You get the idea. Americans are eating far more meat these days than they were in 1950, and fossil fuel consumption has gone through the roof. Climate change is here and it’s real- it’s not something made up by your crazy hippie Aunt Sally.

If we don’t pump the breaks on our consumption as a nation, the sea levels will continue to rise until the next generation will have to spontaneously grow a swim bladder to survive. Without a rapid decrease in fossil fuel use we could see anywhere from a 14 to a 32 foot rise in sea level- that means worldwide London, New York, and Shanghai could be submerged. Learn more about the future of the Earth from this infographic!

state-of-the-earth snip


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