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5 Pets For People With Specific Needs

There are certain times when you can get a pet simply because you want a certain pet, or because you have a connection with that type of animal. However, there are a number of cases when you’ll have to pick your pet based on specific personal needs or environmental conditions.

For example, if you have issues with shedding, allergies to dander, a particular aversion to claws, the need to leave for long periods of time, or a desire for quiet from your animal friends, there are going to be certain pets that fit in your category of possibility, and certain ones that don’t.

Issues With Shedding Animals

You may not want animal hair around for a number of reasons. The biggest might be that it’s a pain to have to vacuum and dust constantly. If you’re far enough into this category, consider adopting animals that don’t shed as much. Now, for the most part, if an animal has hair, it’s going to shed, but, short-haired versions that are more keen to certain climates will at least keep all of the clumps of fur to a minimum in the long run.

Allergies To Dander

And if you find that you or anyone in your household is allergic to pet dander, that’s going to limit your possibilities as well. Allergies to dogs and cats can be quite serious, and even if they aren’t life-threatening, they can still drastically change the quality of life for someone that has to be around it all the time. There are medications that can help, but even gentle medicine can have side effects like drowsiness or other general discomfort.

Aversion To Claws

There are a lot of opinions out there about declawing cats. But, if you know that you don’t want an animal that will tear up furniture or otherwise attack small children or other animals, you can adopt a cat that already has been declawed. Pets aren’t going to feel sorry for themselves after the fact, so that kind of adopting is fairly common for people who don’t want to put another pet through the declawing process.

Leaving For Vacations

You’re not going to want a high-maintenance pet like a dog if you plan on leaving your home for days at a time. In fact, a lot of domestic animals absolutely require daily attention in the form of feeding or letting outside. Be very careful getting a needy pet if you’re a traveler.

The Need For Quiet

And pets can be extremely noisy. Barking, meowing, chirping – they’re all part and parcel of the ownership process. If you want an animal that’s going to be absolutely quiet, that could be when you head toward the fish department at your local pet store.

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