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Entertainment Value Of Virtual Reality [Infographic]

Virtual reality was once relegated to the world of video games, but recent improvements have made it a projected $30 billion a year industry by 2020. But not to worry, it’s not going to be all business. There will be plenty of entertainment applications for both virtual and augmented reality.

Before too much longer you will be able to see your friends’ Facebook status updates in your glasses. You’ll see their avatars and projections of the locations from which they are posting, allowing you to participate in their birthdays, vacations, and other events in a completely new way.

Sony and Samsung are also testing out contact lenses that can capture pictures and video with the blink of an eye. What’s more, they can actually distinguish between conscious and unconscious blinking.

Microsoft and Meta are also both working on virtual reality applications that will push the category forward. Learn more about the future of wearable virtual reality devices from this infographic!


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