What’s Different About e-Cigs? [infographic]

E-cigarettes have become a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, and for good reason. For anyone who wants to quit smoking or find a better option, e-cigarettes may be the way to go. E-cigarettes are believed to safer for both smokers and those around them. Up to 95 percent safer in fact, according to Public Health England. Traditional cigarettes contain over 4,000 dangerous chemicals and result in about 480,000 American deaths per year. With secondhand smoke contributing to about 40,000 deaths per year.

Smoking cigarettes is dangerous, and it’s disruptive for smokers and the people around them. With current laws, you may no longer smoke inside of most places. You have to find a place outdoors, even if it’s cold or raining. However, if you are able to smoke a cigarette indoors, you and everyone around you still has to deal with the awful smell. Alternatively, if you were to smoke a Vaporcade E-cigarette inside your home, the smell would be very minimal and fade away quickly. You wouldn’t have that scent locked into your hair and clothes or on your breath.

If you’re curious about vaping and why it’s thought to be so much safer than traditional cigarettes, check out the infographic below to find out the dangers of cigarettes and why e-cigarettes could be the alternative you’ve been looking for.

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