If you spend most of your days staring at screens, chances are you are doing damage. There are a lot of problems that come from staring at screens all day. For starters, you probably forget to blink most of the time, which makes your eyes at risk of becoming dry. But there are other problems associated with too much screen time, and it’s up to you to stop it before it starts.

Too much screen time can expose you to blue light, and blue light can fool your brain into staying switched on nonstop. You could develop insomnia or headaches, both of which will wreak havoc on your life. The average person uses their smartphone more than 5 hours a day and watches over 4 hours of television per day. When you combine that with whatever screen time you are getting at work, it’s no wonder your eyes are working overtime. Learn more about computer vision syndrome and dry eye from this infographic!



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