Remember how you used to roll out of bed and walk out the door to go to your job at the pizza shop next door like it was no big thing? Well thanks to the gig economy you can live that life every day. You don’t feel like working today? No problem, just don’t make yourself available. You want to go camping in the mountains? Rent out your apartment while you’re gone to pay for it. Who needs a stable nine to five anyway?

The gig economy has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Uber is the fastest growing startup in history, now valued at over $60 billion. They got there by relying on independent contractors to do the work for them. Now places like Buddy Truck and Swifto allow you to help people move or walk their dogs all using the gig economy model. There’s no limit to how many different jobs you can have now! Learn more about the gig economy from this infographic!

gig economy


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