There’s an argument out there with a lot of validity that posits that you don’t really learn life skills in the public education system. So you can make it out of your K-12 education and still be missing a lot of basic training that’s required (or at least helpful) in real adult life.

So if you find that you’re lacking in the practical skills department, what are some projects that you can do to shore up your knowledge of tools, nature, home economics, and problem solving? Well, a few examples might be to convert a shipping container into a livable area, build a tiny house, convert your basement into a rec room, go survival camping, or make all of your own cleaning products from scratch.

Convert a Shipping Container

In an activity that’s gaining in popularity lately, some creative adults are buying shipping containers in order to convert them into living spaces. This is a challenge that will require all sorts of knowledge and practical skills to accomplish! You have to understand all different sorts of tool working, measurements, design skills, and you also have to learn about the red tape surrounding where you can live, tax associations, and administrative laws around building such living spaces.

Build a Tiny House

Most people can’t really afford to experiment with building a full-scale house, but for those people that are still interested in learning the skills associated with home building and maintenance, you can build a tiny house for a relatively small amount of money, and learn on a smaller order all of those things that are practical living knowledge sets, like electrical work, plumbing, window installation, etc. There’s no learning like real experience, so to get hands on, look for tiny house plans and see which one might suit your needs.

Convert Your Basement

And if you already have a home, but want to experiment with building, design, and other home-based skills, you can convert your basement into a game room, den, or extra bedroom even. Since your basement is out of the way, slow going or making mistakes won’t be a big deal, and you’ll learn by trial and error how home improvement works.

Go Survival Camping

And for life skills more related to the outdoors and survival, if you go on some type of roughing-it style camping trip, you’ll learn all kinds of life skills as well. How to build a fire and set up a camp safely are big ones to pay attention to, and things you definitely didn’t learn in school.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Cleaning products that you get at a store are typically expensive and have all sorts of chemicals you may or may not be able to identify. So, if you want to learn a practical set of life skills, learn how to make your own household cleaning products, and you’ll have a very satisfying experience.


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