Around the world there are millions upon millions of buildings that stand in disuse and disrepair. Often vacant, sometimes inhabited by families just struggling to find food to put in their bellies for the day, the buildings are more useful than they would seem when you see them in their decrepit states from the street. There are an integral part of society. They don’t currently look it, but all they need is a little – or a lot of love.

That’s where renovators like you come in. Why knock a building down and start over when you can make something extremely cool and unique out of what exists already. The frail and crumbling walls may look like nothing now, but once you mix a bit of creativity with hard work and ingenuity, the bare bones of the structure can be used and repurposed into a stunning housing complex, a modern restaurant, or an art installation to be admired.

If you’re ready to take on a renovation challenge, here are the hot spots that can’t be ignored in the process:


Plumbing is a crucial aspect of any building. Though it’s an invention of the modern world, it’s essential to the function of everything. Older buildings have a tendency to have very old pipes that have been greatly affected by weathering, extreme hot and cold, and other environmental factors.

When you’re renovating a building, it’s important to have the plumbing surveyed to see the condition. If you don’t do this and somehow pass inspection upon trying to open, the damage that will be done upon a pipe rupturing will be enough to possibly take your entire operation down with it.


There has to be a lot of surveying of the site in renovation to determine whether or not it’s profitable to use what you can find and go with it or whether it’s better that you just tear down and start over. This is true for the foundation of the site you’re working on. Sometimes things appear fine, but once you get in and start tearing down walls and replacing floors, you realize that there may or may not be a serious problem with the foundation.

To avoid even purchasing a property with a foundation property, look for key signs that hint at it. This could mean cracks in the walls, ruptures and gaps and other things like mold and stains can also be a sign that the foundation somewhere is facing problems.

These are just a couple of the places that can’t be ignored during renovation of a property. The renovation business is one that holds a lot of work, but it’s work that can pay off. It can also leave you broke should you not take proper precautions to seek out a property that is free of serious issues that will take every bill in your pocketbook.


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