You love your dog. He comes to greet you every day when you get home from work, and sometimes you even hear him crying for you when you leave in the morning. Your first thought when you walk through the door may be to give your canine companion a big hug, but not so fast- turns out he really hates it.

Dogs don’t understand hugs the same way humans do. It may even be interpreted as a sign of aggression or dominance, not love and affection. When researchers studied photos of dogs being hugged they determined over 80% of the dogs in the photos were showing signs of distress. You may think your dog loves hugs, but do you know how to tell if he doesn’t? Most people don’t know the common signs of distress in dogs, such as licking and panting.

Dogs definitely still love you, though. Learn more about some of their awesome traits from this infographic!



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